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Senior class officers urge everyone in Kimball to buckle up

As teenagers, we represent an age group with an extremely low seatbelt use rate. Students from all around Minnesota – and in Kimball – appear in the news too often, not because of SAT scores, but because of the high number of traffic deaths and injuries. Many of these deaths could be prevented if everyone would wear seatbelts.

We’re serious about keeping you safe

The beginning of summer signals a deadly period on Minnesota roads. With dry roads and blue skies, speeds increase and the safe driving behavior we practice during the winter months is thrown out the window – or the sunroof.  

Letter to the Editor

By the time you finish reading this sentence, an arson fire somewhere in the U.S. will destroy $600 worth of property. By the end of the year, a half-million arson fires will cost United States citizens more than 2 billion dollars.

Letter to the Editor: Where is money spent in the Kimball school district?

I attended the three meetings the school board held to inform, present, and decide the budget cuts for the 2004-05 school year; each meeting I walked away upset and saddened at what is happening to our educational system right here in Kimball. A $260,000 deficit is what it is, this time with critical staff and program reductions, and a small cut to district staffing. All these cuts drastically affect the quality of our children’s education.

Kimball is at an important crossroad

No, I’m not referring to Highways 15 and 55. I mean that the entire Kimball area – at least a five-mile radius around Kimball – is at a critical point of time in its development.

KAHS offers broad curriculum

Kimball Area High School has undergone a great deal of remodeling lately. However, it is not just the building but the classes that make a good school.

The pedophile scandals didn’t have to happen

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the editor about “The Da Vinci Code.” It explained how women were effectively prevented from holding a position of power in Christian Churches. This letter will look at the pedophile issue and how it could have been prevented.

Happy fresh, new year!

The end of one year and birth of the next is a natural time to reflect on one’s life and situation.

Setting some new holiday traditions

We’re easing into the big-holiday thing with George. A little this year – we have to start somewhere – and then we can add a bit more every year.

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